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    Oakland's Broadway in the Redwoods Since 1967

    Our 2020 Season & COVID-19


    Producers Associates, Inc. is the nonprofit organization that has, for 54 years, presented the Woodminster Summer Musicals in Joaquin Miller Park. The organization is managed by the corporate officers of Producers Associates with the support of a dedicated Board of Directors.


    Three musicals are presented each summer, one each in July, August, and September.  Each production has 7 performances. This season we are offering Open Captioning for two performances of each show and one performance with Audio Description. We also will have hearing devices and printed scripts available for every performance. Over the course of the summer, 22-25,000 ticket holders pass through the Woodminster gates to see the performances.

    2020 SEASON        TICKETS         CONTACT US           DIRECTIONS         SIGN UP FOR EMAILS




    Woodminster Summer Musicals produced in cooperation with the City of Oakland Parks & Recreation Department. Logo designed by Joanne Romeo.

    ? 2020 Producers Associates Inc.

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