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    Oakland's Broadway in the Redwoods Since 1967


    Your Help Keeps Us Going!


    The Woodminster Summer musicals are presented by Producers Associates, Inc., a nonprofit organization (Tax ID #94-1688232), and gifts to us are fully tax-deductible.


    We have always depended on the generosity of our community to present American Musical Theater to new generations, and to keep the experience affordable for the people who love our shows.


    We rely on your contributions of money to help produce our shows, pay our artists, and keep the facility safe and comfortable.  This year, we have special needs including replacing lighting instruments and rebuilding a concessions booth.


    We are always looking for financial contributions, but there are also many other ways to support our 50-year tradition of musical theater under the stars.  Whether you can support us with a contribution of money, another kind of donation, or volunteer time, we thank you for your generosity.

    • Contribute Money


      Producers Associates is a non-profit organization and donations are fully tax deductible. (Tax ID #94-1688232)


      Contributions of any size help us present quality entertainment while keeping ticket prices affordable.


      To contribute online, click here.


      Or you may mail contributions to:

      Producers Associates, Inc.

      P.O. Box 13008

      Oakland, CA 94661



      To see complete details about how we will use your gift, as well as donor benefits at various levels, please visit our How to Contribute page.

    • Employer matching donations

      Many companies support employee charitable giving by offering matching gift programs.  When their employees make a financial contribution to a qualifying nonprofit organization like us, the employer will match that gift at some percentage.  If you think your company might have a matching gift program, please check with your HR or corporate philanthropy department to see how it works.


      Here are some we know about.  Do you know about more?


      Adobe Systems Inc.

      American Express Company

      Apple Inc.


      Bank of America

      Bank of the West

      Business Wire

      Charles Schwab

      Chevron Corporation

      Cisco Systems, Inc.Clorox


      The Gap Corporation



      Kaiser Permanente

      Levi Strauss & Co.

      Lockheed Martin Corporation

      Microsoft Corporation

      Northrup Grumman

      Oracle Corporation

      Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E)



      Visa Inc.

      Wells Fargo


    • gifts of stock

      When you donate stocks to Producers Associates, you will get the tax benefit from making a charitable donation while avoiding capital gains taxes on the appreciation of your stock's value.  We can make it easy for you to transfer stocks directly to our Morgan Stanley account.  For more information, please call 510-339-0241 or email Harriet Schlader.


      Producers Associates, Inc.'s nonprofit Tax ID number is 94-1688232.

    • legacy gifts

      Making a bequest through a will or a living trust is a powerful statement of support. If you name Producers Associates, Inc. as a beneficiary in your will, your gift may be unrestricted or directed to support a specific program, such as Kids Come Free, the Jim Schlader Musical Theater Award, or capital improvements to Woodminster Amphitheater.


      You may, of course, arrange your bequest in whatever way you wish — as a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, or as a residue after family members benefit first — while retaining use of all your assets during your lifetime.  Your bequest will ensure that your favorite cause continues to receive your support, as well as helping to offset any tax obligations at death.


      Please keep Woodminster Summer Musicals in mind while you are doing your estate planning.  You can help us continue to present American Musical Theater in Oakland for generations to come.

    • Donate items

      As you might imagine, five decades of producing shows at Woodminster Amphitheater have left us with many thousands of costume pieces and props of all kinds.  If you've been backstage, you know that every spare inch is full of boxes and bags and odd items.  If you want to donate ordinary household items and clothing, we suggest that the local Salvation Army or other thrift-store charity may be a better choice.


      But if you have something special you think would be an asset for a theater, please send an email to Harriet Schlader and describe it.


    • join our board of directors

      The Woodminster Summer Musicals are produced with the support of a dedicated Advisory Board of Directors, long-time East Bay residents and community arts boosters. Over the years, Producers Associates' tenancy has helped keep the amphitheater and surrounding area maintained, discouraged vandalism, and made a number of substantial improvements to the performance facility, including audience seating as well as improved lighting and sound systems. They have worked with the Friends of Oakland Parks and Recreation and the City’s Park & Rec Department to facilitate a number of other improvements, and have kept their organization financially solvent for 50 years while contributing to the artistic vitality and economic health of the City of Oakland.  All new members serve for one or more years as Associate Board members to learn about the organization and find their strengths as Woodminster supporters before moving onto the Advisory Board.


      More information and a list of current board members.

      Please contact
      Harriet Schlader if you may be interested.


      As we approach our 2020 season, we have a special need for new board members with expertise in fundraising and marketing.


    • Volunteer

      If you’re ready to make an ongoing commitment of time, please click on the tab above to see the details about joining our Board of Directors.


      If you’d like to volunteer from time to time during the season, here are some ideas:


      Volunteer Ushers Needed Every Performance

      8 responsible adult ushers needed each performance. Arrive an hour before performance and stay until 15 minutes after curtain call. May see the show from available seats after first 15 minutes.

      To volunteer as an usher, please contact Christine Burke, and let her know your preferred date or dates.


      Costume Shop Volunteers

      We need different kinds of help at various times in the season, ranging from skilled sewing to quick change assistance, to repairs, to scrounging the stock for particular items.  Check back for more details after the season is underway, or contact the theater directly.


      You and Your Truck

      The theater frequently needs to pick up items (lumber, large props, etc.) that are too large for an ordinary car.  Can you help?


      Other Skills?

      If you would like to volunteer your time in some other way you think we might need, please contact Harriet Schlader.


      Ambassadors In the Community

      Whether you socialize online or face-to-face, please tell your friends how much you love us!  No advertising we can buy is as valuable as our fans using their own social networks to promote our shows!  Like our page on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and say nice things about us  on yelp!  If you have a place to put a poster or hand out flyers, let us know!  If you have new neighbors, bring them to Woodminster for a picnic and a show.  If you're throwing a birthday party or a work party, consider a theater party.  If you belong to an organization, take advantage of our group rates to plan an outing for the whole group.  There are many ways for you, our loyal friends, to help us bring new audience members to Woodminster.

    • Advertise in our programs

      Promote Your Business To Our Audience...

          ... And Support Woodminster Summer Musicals' 52nd Season!


      ? Ads as low as $250

      ? Ads run for all three shows

      ? Free color in all ads

      ? Free link from our website

      ? Free ad design assistance


      Program ads reach more than 20,000 Woodminster Summer Musicals audience members


      2020 AD RATES


      Rate includes your ad in all three programs.

      Eighth page (business card) – $250

      Quarter page (horizontal or vertical) – $500

      Half page  (horizontal or vertical) – $1000

      Full page (7x10") – $2000


      There is no extra charge for color, design, website link, or anything else. You'll just get an ad at a bargain price, in an attractive printed format with high readership and long life. And you get to support Woodminster while reaching a powerful audience for your business or organization.




      People who see our musicals each summer are primarily Bay Area residents (mostly East Bay), mainly working professionals and retirees with enough disposable income to attend live theatre. We attract business and community leaders, families with kids, professional organizations, church groups, etc.


      The paper programs we distribute free at our shows are in glossy booklet format, with large 8.5x11" size pages. They include many elements -- such as actor bios and lots of color photos -- that make them collectors’ items, and many of them get taken home and looked at again and again. They also get very high readership at the performances, before the shows and during intermission.


      Have questions or want to reserve your ad? Please email Tyler Pon or call him at 510-339-2234 OR email Merrilee Mitchell or call her at 510-482-5296.


      If you have questions about your existing ad or one you need altered or produced, please email Natalie Jane.



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    Woodminster Summer Musicals produced in cooperation with the City of Oakland Parks & Recreation Department. Logo designed by Joanne Romeo.

    ? 2020 Producers Associates Inc.